#PassionMeetsPolitics Season 4 Ep 4 ” Do You Love Me “

Earlier last week
I found myself scrolling the shade room and I saw this whole King Of RnB debate. RnB producer. Songwriter, and singer Tank, Said that The accusations against R. Kelly don’t disqualify what he has accomplished. This is just one more thing that made me disgusted about the way black women are being treated. From the two sister who lost their life due to Intimate Partner Violence before thanksgiving to the fate of Cyntonia Brown, and the constant rise of trans women being assaulted and I constantly wonder if black women are actually as valued as people say we are? In this episode I present the facts from a recent CDC report and air out my frustrations

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Article links :








Agencies and Hotlines

Women Against Rape

Penn Center House

1617 John F. Kennedy Blvd #1100

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: 215-985-3315

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR)


If you have been a victim of sexual violence and are seeking information, referral or resources,

call 1-88-772-7227

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network



Suicide Prevention Hotline


Children’s Crisis Treatment Center- Main Office

1080 North Delaware Avenue, Suite 600

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone: 215-496-0707

Hall-Mercer Community Behavioral Health Center

245 South 8th Street

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