Breaking up is hard

My day had finally come to an end. I still couldn’t believe that at 28. I had successfully launched my magazine, despite print being “dead”. The week had been filled with interviews, photoshoots, and so much more. The launch party was lit, and now after a long day, I was finally headed home. I handed the valet my ticket and proceeded to wait for my all white Range Rover around. A few moments later it arrived, and I walked around to the driver’s side door and allowed the valet to close it behind me. The entire drive home I rode in silence, just reflecting on what the last three years had truly been like. After all, I had been through I still managed to make this little dream of mine a success, the only thing that I wished for in that moment was someone to share it with, specifically Terrell. I spent part of the day, just thinking, hoping, and wishing that he would still show up. When he didn’t, I knew that this was really the end and there was no coming back.

My recent breakup would often send me into a whirlwind of thoughts. I love Terrell, but this revolving door of a relationship wasn’t working for me anymore. I needed someone to be ALL IN. I often played around with the fact of not having a partner, but hell even Oprah has Steadman. The stream of thoughts ended as I pulled into the parking lot of my condo. I waIked to the elevator and rode up. Proceeding down the hallway and checking emails, I arrived at my door, happy to finally be in my space I walked into my condo completely, removed my 6-inch heels and unzipped my skirt immediately, threw my briefcase on my armchair, and plopped on my couch. The house was so quiet it was scary. I grabbed the remote to my entertainment system and turned some music on and Stan Getz immediately played. This made me smile and think of how Terrell would laugh as I would dance around and sing in Portuguese.

“Do you even know what you’re saying?” He would say sarcastically
“Nope, but rhythm is something my body understands” I would snappily reply
This man at 6’4 man had no rhythm to save his life. He would scowl and say
“You have no complaints with my rhythm any other time.”
Sarcastic banter is what made the relationship so hot! I mean we could be at each other’s necks in a moment then melting into each other the next. I was going to miss the sex but not the arguing…… But the sex!!! It was unlike anything I had ever had before. He was so in tune with my body and its needs. I wish he could have been that way with the rest of me…. At this point, I was super horny from just the thoughts of Terrell. I got off the couch and went to my bar, poured a whiskey straight, and took it back. The faint sound of buzzing was coming from the couch and I realized it was my phone. I sluggishly walked back figuring it was most likely my assistant or my editor, but alas I was mistaken, it was Terrell I rolled my eyes and answered the phone:
“Jaye McDaniel”
” That skirt made your ass look amazing on page 6 today.”
” Thanks, I guess that’s your way of saying congratulations. ”
“No, it’s my way of saying you have a great ass, the way I say congratulations involves me doing that thing you like….”
I rolled my eyes, he was fishing and the way that my body tensed when he said that, let me know that he had me on the hook. I walked over to the bar and poured another whiskey straight I sipped then replied:
“You’re such an arrogant ass….” I said bitterly
” I’m an arrogant ass that loves your ass” his voice felt like silk against my ear. “Come on… you know you want break up but potentially make up sex…”
It was a thought….. plus, he could come get his things and leave the spare keys. The debate lingered a bit but the whiskey and my pussy made the decision for me.
“Alright, it will be a good opportunity for you to come get your things…. Don’t take forever to get here”
I hung up the phone and headed to my bathroom. I grabbed my plushest towel, body wash, and turned the water on. In the shower, I continued to see positive reasons for this break-up. I could finally have my bed back to myself and I didn’t have to worry about fussing about the temperature of my showers. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the way the bathroom door swung open and there he was. Terrell . Solid 6’4 frame, desert sand colored, arrogant, sexy, man staring at me through my glass shower doors with a glass of Scotch. Scotch wasn’t my favorite but I kept it around just for him.
“It would have been nice if you knocked, and asked before you started drinking my liquor.”
” You only keep it around for me.” I hated when he was right. It burned me up.

“Get out of the shower. ”

“My towel please”

“Step out, Jaye why cover up if I’m just going to take it off.”
Again, he was right, It was obvious they he wanted this just as bad as I did. This was going to be interesting. I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower onto my heated marble floors, Thank God for them.

“Excuse me.”
“What? You’re in my way Rell”
“No, I’m not you can go around”
I sauntered around him putting just a little more swing in my hips than usual. I could feel his eyes on my ass and I loved it. I looked at him over my shoulder:

“Are you going to miss it”

“Yes. Especially the way it looks on my dick.”

I proceeded to my towel but was suddenly grabbed firmly around my waist by one of his arms while the other was reaching for my neck. I wasted no time reaching for his pants hastily unbuttoning them. He let them fall around his ankles and whispered in my ear: ” Come say goodbye.” I turned around while simultaneously pulling at his briefs.

“Awe bye my baby ”
I said in between kisses as I made my way down.
“I am going to miss you so much”
I planted my last kiss right on the super sensitive tip of his beautiful dick. I took a few moments to stroke and admire its beauty with my hands making sure he was at fully erect. It was the perfect length, perfect girth, one inhale and I was deep throating . Our muffled moans bounced off the walls making a symphony, making me hotter. Our eyes locked for a moment and unlike usual I didn’t look away, I looked confidently into his eyes burning my image into his brain, leaving my mark. The entire time I had my hand in between my thighs stirring, letting waves of pleasure flow over me. Suddenly he pulled away from me and grabbed the hand that had I had been fingering myself with by its wrist, pulled me up, and slid my fingers into his mouth.
“You taste so damn good…”
Eyes locked, I felt like I had stopped breathing and time stopped. When our lips touched finally it was like he resuscitated me. Further, I melted, tighter he held me. He tried to lead us to the bedroom, but I detested.
” No need for you to be in my bed…..”
“Really Jaye? ”
” Yes, this is break up sex remember”
I had a cold air around me and he felt it. He was confused by it. But it was necessary, I had to be cold after three years of us being together I was tired. Fed up, over his bullshit. Terrell grabbed his glass, drank the rest of his Scotch, grabbed the sides of my face and kissed me hungrily.

” Okay, I’ll fuck you right here”
Thank God the bathroom was still warm from my shower because Rell swiftly sat me on top of the cool marble counter, while he pushed me back towards the mirror I quickly helped him out of the rest of his clothes. He looked at me while feeding his dick into my pussy slowly with intention. When all of him was finally inside, he held my face with one hand:
” Jaye, you will be mine just for one more night don’t hold back…”
I had no words, I could only shake my head yes.
Our sexual experiences had been limited because of my lack of trust and intimidating fear of being judged. He would always ask me, but I was too hesitant. I was afraid he would hold it against me somehow. I will admit that I contributed to this break up maybe more than I had thought. I snapped out of the trance as Rell sat down on the side of my jacuzzi tub.
” Come here and sit pretty”
Goosebumps formed all over, I was mesmerized. I turned around, reaching my hand backward to guide his member into my pussy. I teased at the head and meticulously slid my way to the bottom of his dick.
“Ahhhhh…… goood girl, now bounce”
I obliged his whim. Terrell took his hands and held my C- cup breasts firmly massaging and holding them. For the first time in three years, I felt safe and completely uninhibited… like in that moment while we were in that state I could be all of who I wanted to be without judgment. I bent forward and put my hands on his knees for more leverage as we picked up the pace, I felt myself getting closer to a climax so I moved quickly and stood up straight.
“Who asked you to stop”
“I…. didn’t want to….”
Terrell cared nothing about my excuses, he turned me back around, grabbed my hips and guided me back to his fully erect dick.
” You don’t move unless I say understand”
” y-esss”
I managed to say between the moans. Tonight’s sex was different, it was exhilarating, freeing, the kind of sex you have when you are trying to build bonds rather than break them. Terrell let go of my hips and slid his arm between my breasts while his hand again found it way firmly around my neck. He began to whisper things in my ear and my will to hold my orgasm immediately faded. I cursed loudly as I felt my cum flow like honey from its pot onto his dick. I still rode him waiting for his command.

“Ahhhhhhh…… “ He moaned “ Lay across my lap so i can cum on that ass.”
Again I obeyed, stretched my small frame across his lap and put the slightest arch in my back.
Stroking his dick he smacked my ass just the way I liked. I moaned for more. He heeded my request and rotated between rubs, grips, and smacks before long he had managed to slip two fingers into my pussy and started fingering me. Our moans intensified and we locked eyes again. Damn… I loved this part of him. The tender, intentional lover. The man that wanted to love every part of me. In that moment I felt warm, then a gush… my cum all between my thighs, his all over my ass. Damn…. He grabbed my towel and cleaned us both up.

I sat up in his lap with my back to him for a moment while he placed soft deliberate kisses on the nape of my neck. We sat there for about five minutes catching our breath. As I attempted to get up he pulled me back and wrapped his arms around me. He had never held me like this it was nice but it was too late. Nothing he could do would change my mind. We would always get to this point, but two months later be ready to fall apart.
I got up, turned around, and kissed him all over his face. Then Terrell reached around and hugged my hips and said:
“I think it’s time I pack”
“Right …. That is what you’re here for”

He stood up and picked up his clothes then headed into my bedroom. I hopped back into the shower and washed up. Afterwards I headed into the bedroom to throw some pj’s on. I noticed he had thrown on the sweatpants and t-shirt he left in a gym bag in my closet.

As I buttered up the tension grew thicker, by the time I got dressed he was at the door ready to leave with my spare keys in his hands.
I let out a sigh as I retrieved them,
“Well…… I guess this is goodbye.” I said
“I’m sure I’ll see you on page 6 sometime again soon.” He smiled

I fidgeted with the keys, he lifted my chin pulled me closer and kissed me. Again, it all felt right but knew it wasn’t worth it. I pulled away while turning my head and opening the door.
“Goodbye Jaye”
I watched him walk out the door and down the hall. I closed the door and ended up on the couch, it was the best sleep I had had in three years.

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