From Ally to Comrade

On this election day, I got up at 5 am, sat at my computer, and prepared this podcast for you. These midterms matter! Not just for you, but for the people you say you are allies for. It's time to move from Ally to Comrade! Be actionable! Fight WITH and FOR people without expecting anything... Continue Reading →

My Coming Out Story

Now... To the reason for this titled post. My very own coming out story. I've known that I was not quite like other girls for a long time. I always looked at girls kind of  dreamy way.

A Mother’s Love

My mother and I have had a very complex relationship. But I wouldn't trade my mother for any other mother in the world. Being a single black mother is not easy, but my mother has always made magic. She's done the thing that black women always do. In this episode, we talk about the challenges... Continue Reading →

Summer Update!!

Greeting family! This summer has been full of challenges and important growth milestones that I definitely want to talk about over the next few weeks. Although I did not get to do a lot of what I wanted, I did what I needed to do which included continuing to teach yet another summer of Freedom... Continue Reading →

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